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acne canterbury kent


Acne Canterbury kent?

Acne canterbury kent – Do you suffer from spots, breakouts or acne? Worry no more with our effective high frequency acne and spot treatment  Canterbury.

Tackle acne and spot prone skin with our amazingly effective high frequency treatment.

Our acne treatment, works by applying a low level electrical current to the treatment area, the oscillating current generates activated oxygen that kills acne-causing bacteria from underneath the skin.

Clinical tests of high frequency have proven to increase cell oxygenation, circulation and natural exfoliation, all of which helps to kill acne-causing bacteria.

How does acne canterbury kent work?

The High frequency works by emitting a low level electrical current to the area being treated. This current ignites a gas within the instrument used, which is then passed over the face, killing the acne causing bacteria from underneath the skin.

acne canterbury kent

acne canterbury kent

Our treatment for acne canterbury kent works in two ways…. firstly we will make direct contact with the electrode and the skin. This will create rapid oscillation, which in turn generates a thermal effect, dilating blood vessels and improving circulation – all of which eliminates bacteria faster.

Secondly we will perform a technique called sparking. By making the electrodes pass through the

skin without contact, a spark is produced, which combines with oxygen to create ozone. When introducing oxygen to the bacteria colony on the skin, the bacteria is killed, as it does not have enough carbon dioxide.

To see very good results, we recommend a between 6 – 10 sessions, leaving a one week gap between each treatment.

We are proud to be able to help people all over kent to treat acne canterbury kent and the surrounding areas, such as ashford, herne bay, margate and folkestone.

We focus on results and customer satisfaction, which is why we only use the best available equipment and protocols available within the industry. All of our staff have been trained to the highest of standards, above and beyond the minimum levels needed to carry out our treatments

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