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IPL kent vs Laser kent

ipl-kent vs laser-kent …… the age old question!

ipl and laser hair removal in kent, has exploded over recent times, this has quite rightly lead to many questions regarding which treatment is the best?

We at the skin care company canterbury, have come up with a comprehensive list of the advantages and disadvantages of ipl vs laser kent




Advantages of ipl hair removal kent

1) IPL hair removal-kent cost less than laser hair removal-kent

Not only do the sessions cost considerably less when compared to laser hair removal-kent, but they also target a larger surface area. Saving you those pennies, that make the pound, that buys those shoes……. that break, sending you plummeting down a flight of stairs and into your nearest A&E


2) IPL-kent is faster

Lets just say, it is not uncommon for clients to go out for the obligatory “pint of milk”, and come back within 30 mins, somewhat hairless in certain areas…. Try explaining that to your husband/wife when they ask what the hell happened to your acreage. Ipl kent is fast


3) IPL-kent is painless

Yes indeed. Pain-free hair removal? too good to true? Take an elastic band and flick it against your partners skin…. if they give you the “what the hell was that -weirdo” look then, pain-free it is. On the other hand the “revenge” look will probably get you beaten up…. pain free it isn’t. Ipl kent, painless?


4) IPL hair removal-kent is more versatile

Hmmm its not going to compete in the olympics, nor help you compete for that matter. But IPL kent will treat more skin colors (from the pastie white, to the darkest of brown). However, white, ginger and light blond hairs are un-treatable…. I know! Thats the final straw right!!! What ever happened to equal rights within the hair community? Bring back Maggie (RIP)!


Disadvantages of IPL hair removal kent

1) Not possible for 100% hair removal kent

Its fair to say you wont be left walking down the street looking like a balding chiwawa. However no IPL hair removal-kent can promise 100% results (more like 90%), as some hair may be either too light or narrow, or the hair may be in the reproductive phase during the treatment.

2) Sensitive skin may cause burns

This applies to both laser kent and ipl hair removal kent, and is the main reason why reputable clinics do a patch test before commencing treatment….. Nothing to be concerned with as good clinics should do their due-diligence, by asking you about any medications you take, your current level of exposure to the sun/sun beds and provide you with detailed after-care advice.  It is worth mentioning, that when we say “burns” we are not suggesting you may end up looking like freddy krueger….. more like his younger, better looking sister.

3) Top-up sessions may be needed

Again applies to both laser-kent and ipl hair removal-kent…. For example, if you have a little bit more than the recommended dose of weekend fun, and happen to give birth, your hormone levels will change, causing some hair regrowth.




Advantages of laser hair removal kent

1) laser hair removal kent, has been around for many years now. Not as long as Dot cotton, but long enough.

2) laser kent, is considered to be less painful than other forms of hair removal-kent. But ipl kent, is still the front runner in the race for pain free hair removal.

3) Again the speed of treatments are good with laser hair removal kent, the race to finish first is about equal between ipl kent and laser kent.

Disadvantages to laser hair removal kent

1) Expensive! Laser kent, can be a very expensive ordeal… Of course this is all relative to your spending power, so if your reading this on your private yacht in san marino bay, then i wouldnt worry too much.

2) The same disadvantages to laser hair removal kent as with ipl hair removal kent will apply. Therefore this method of hair removal kent, is not 100% effective, burns and other reactions may occur, and top-up sessions may also be required.

We hope this gives you a light-hearted insight into the differences between laser kent and ipl hair removal kent. Until next time good bye, from all at THE SKIN CARE COMPANY MAIDSTONE & NO+VELLO MAIDSTONE.

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